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Nothing to see here, just building a habbit of writing. [01 Jun 2013|06:58pm]
The sun was setting. My arms were flailing. It was just me and the mosquitoes and someone far away shooting a gun, over and over. Practicing for hunting season I suppose. Or maybe just blowing off some steam. I thought maybe I could run, after all, the whole reason I was out here with all these bugs was to try and lose some weight. I took off in a sprint and "boooom!" I know the shot was in the distance, the same as all the others. It wasn't anywhere near me, but still, walking and flailing seemed like enough after that.

I hadn't been on this path since I was young. That was back when my family had time to just go out and walk together. We would walk this path in the sunshine. My anxiety high, just in case we met anyone on the path. 10 years ago if there was any sign that someone else might be near this path my heart would be racing and I would be aching to be back home, safely tucked away from other people. I wouldn't have even gotten out of my car if I thought I might run into another. Would have just turned around and drove home. I don't know how I ever lived with all that anxiety. Anxiety over what? I never figured that out. I guess some people are just born high strung.

The path seems so much shorter than it did then. I walked to the mud and back in just 30 minutes, not feeling up to hopping through the mud and continuing on with wet toes. Wouldn't we walk all day? Talking about the world. Acting out silly stories as we raced passed the prairie, hopped over the mud and hid in the trees. I remember how terrified I used to be about the leaches and tics. Expecting at any moment to die from their little diseases. No kidding. I thought for sure I would be gone by 20, if not from food poisoning then surely from cancer. Well, here I am, 32, alone out here on this path and flailing away the mosquitoes, only mildly worried about malaria.

I get back to my car sitting at the far side of the dirt circle turn around. Didn't there used to be a field here? I know because my Dad had us searching through the tall grass for the foundation of a long gone house. We'd trace out the living room, where we thought the bedrooms should be. My brother found the barn. My sister the haunted gravestones. Really, it was just a pile of rocks someone stacked in a philosophical fashion. My stomach would twist thinking about how desperate it must feel to be long forgotten, the only evidence of your life being a few dug out cement corners of a house sought out for shelter. I never showed it. My mom was antsy, waiting in the car. There are no bathrooms out here and her bladder said it was ready to go! I pretended that was why I herded everyone back to the car. Not the nagging sense of uselessness engulfing what started out as a sunshine happy day. The trees have all grown large since then. Those cement corners are now buried deep. My bladder is begging me to go home, so I do.

[01 Jun 2013|06:01pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

so...what is new with everyone?


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Hello? [22 Nov 2011|11:53pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Is anybody here?

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[28 Sep 2007|02:59pm]
ha ha ha ha ha. I win internet.

Mark has Blue Steel down. I still got some work to do.
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[01 Jan 2007|09:28pm]
happy new years everyone.

...oh, and a joke for the new year:

do robots have brothers?
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[22 Aug 2006|09:53pm]
how to link a smiley

go to link

type in your website thingy where it says you should

then make a smiley where it says you should write regualar things


or more like that
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[14 Mar 2006|07:33pm]
my new upstairs neighbor has taken up using an exercise bike. and it's the creepiest noise ever. at first i thought it was just really bad trance music but then i listened and found a pattern that has to be an exercise bike. or just really bad trance music i guess. i don't know how anyone can ride one of these things as much as this person does. all the freakin time. once at midnight.

i can't do it, i get antsy cos i'm not going anywhere and all my legs are working and none of my anything else and i am going nowhere. gotta have a real bike that will take me all over town if i am doing all that work.

and i miss riding my bike through island park with nothing but the moonlight and sometimes a flashlight when i gotta face the woods. say what you will about mt. pleasant, it had great parks. i also miss driving along corn fields, all the goldend and green and trees and rushing past rivers and streams and everything.

anyways, i think i am going to look into getting a sweet bike to ride to and from work on the nicer days. it might take a long time to ride home though, it's hard to tell. i will do some research. and i will probaly still do it on those insanely nice days that i feel like a chump for riding the bus. and if i can't make it the whole way cos of one reason or another, the busses have bike thingies on the frong so i can just put it there and take the bus the rest of the way.

i didn't realize how bizarre my life has gotten lately until i was talking to someone who made me listen to his juice to help him find out what kind it was.

st. patties day is coming.
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[13 Feb 2006|09:17pm]
curses! i can't find my umbrella anywhere, which means i probably donated it to some wet lucky bastard on the train who sat in my same seat. i loved that umbrella like my brethern. well, at least it will probably be keeping some brethern dry. looks like i am in the business of finding a new umbrella, oh the possibilities...

in other news, the silly little counter in my apartment is breaking! i was chop chop chopping away on some carrots and i noticed the counter was a wee bit more bouncy than usual. so i got out my maganafying glass and did some inspecting and found out i didn't need a maganafying glass to see the huge gap on the hidden side of the microwave. so i rearanged the entire kitchen and now the microwave is in the most awkward place ever. oh welly well. the worse part is that particular counter was primo spot for me chopping the veggies, a good height. the other counter is slightly higher and it makes all the difference. but the truth is it was probalbly those bloody carrots that did the counter in cos carrots are so hard to chop.

welp. that about sums it up. well, not really, there is much more going on right now but i just don't have the energy to bore you with the details.

mark is home!
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just for mary [23 Jan 2006|09:37pm]
and happy late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late llate late late late late late late late ate late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late latlate late late late late late late late e late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late BIRTHDAY!

here is a birthday picture (yeah, i know it's lame cos this is just almost exactly the picture you did for my birthday. but it's a great picture so nah)

happy birthday wifie and i hope evry single late day has been better than the one before.
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no subject for you! [23 Jan 2006|08:52pm]
[ mood | cold ]

it's been a long time coming since i did any picture posts.

so recently andy, karun and eric visited sometime last week and i didn't take any pictures of anyone. good times where had, even though mark and i had to work for most of it :(

then everyone left but andy's glove stayed along cos it liked this place so much and fell in love with a squirrel down the street.

but alas, even andy's glove has left me and took off to spend some time with it's honey in california

and a joke, compliments of andy:

what do you call a medieval mounted citrus fruit?

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and another one! compliments of all the same people:

what do you call a medieval mouted citrus fruit at night time?

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thanks for tuning in.

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[09 Jan 2006|07:58pm]

mom and wow are the first ever lawningnome

(pronounced lawn-in-nome)

and andy and i beat them to the punch.

so ha.

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best bus ride ever. [21 Dec 2005|06:00pm]
today i won the bus jackpot lottery. WooT!

see, when i make the transfer from the 155 to the 82 i have two options:

1. get off at the corner and run across the street and up kedzie to the bus depot

2. wait for the bus to make it through the intersection and be dropped off at the bus depot

now this all depends on the timing of the traffic lights, the intensity of traffic and whether or not an 82 has just pulled up or not.

today traffic was heavy, the pedistrian cross was a go and the 82 was there. so i hop off at the corner to make a run for it. everyone else is walking but i see the 82 pull out so i start to run and beg for the driver to open the door. but then i see another 82 pull in right behind it so i decide to just take that bus for two reasons:

1. it is an arcordian bus which are wicked awesome to ride. every seat is the best seat in the house and if i was a rock star an acordian bus would so be my tour bus.

2. at least i won't have to wait outside in the cold.

so i hop on the second 82 and all the other people (who weren't even running) speed walk to the first bus and beg for the driver to open the door even though it has already left the station and is at the intersection. my bus drive honks his horn at them to let them know he is there but the other driver lets them on anyway.

but i was the lucky one becuase my bus driver took off right away, even though the other bus had only barely turned the corner. and since the other bus picked up all the people mine had none to pick up. and we cruised all the way home.

and we totally passed the other bus at berwyn. and my bus driver honked his horn and laughed at the other fools for getting on the first bus, which was mega crowded at this point. and we only stopped once before i got off and that was at foster, two stops before my stop. the bus driver didn't even pull over to let the other bus pass bust stayed in the road as he hurried the kids off.

i got to where i was going faster than the other suckers who got on the first one.
it felt like the tortoise and the hare.

so just before i got off we joked about it a little and he is the best bus driver ever. we gunned it home and usually it takes so so long to get home just because it is start and stop and no speed or action. not today though. i wish i remembered that i had a bag of cookies that i could have given him. oh well, maybe next time.

now it's time for a jennn and mark christmas special. oh la la.
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[16 Dec 2005|11:29am]
happy birthday andy!

(psst, i am sure you have plenty of beads on the right side, so don't sweat it)

it also turns out that my sister is getting married today.
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[21 Nov 2005|10:53pm]

plans for brianne's wedding:

i will leave chicago on december 30th at 7:30 am and get to grand rapids around 12:55 pm.
i have a half hour switch over in kalamazoo if my kid sister wants to come by and give me a high five.

i will go to brianne and pat's wedding (yay!).
then i will hang with mary at my parent's place :)

i will leave grand rapids on december 31 at 7:35 am and get to chicago around 10:30 am.
then i will sleep until it is time to bring in the new year.

any questions?

plans for christmas are stilling being decided.
but the sad truth is that i will hardly be in michigan to enjoy it :(

holidays suck ass this year.
i don't get the time off to really enjoy them.
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a confession [12 Nov 2005|05:12pm]
sometimes if i am walking up an escalator, and it is not working, i get really dizzy and almost fall. but i have no problem running up them when they are moving. it's just when they are not moving i feel like i should be moving with it and since i am not i feel dizzy and start to trip up and i have to hold onto the railing and walk.
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[02 Nov 2005|07:02pm]
i love the fall. it's so pretty. the wind blowing through the trees, sifting out the leaves.
it's like confetti. the ground looks like nature just had a party.

i love the way street light reflects off the trees. the orange light and the so many shades of green and orange and yellow. i think that was what i liked most about the bench near the old school house in mt. pleasant. the way the orange light hit the willow tree. the breeze tossing about leaves. the night sky above with it's stars and no suprises.

that is one thing i don't like in chicago. no matter where i go i never really feel alone. you can't just sit on a bench and expect not to run into someone. but there are plenty of other things to like.
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[17 Oct 2005|11:22pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

today my parents left for ireland and the only one to see them off at the airport was mark. how sad. but me and my brothers and sister all had to work and for some reason life just works out like that.

oh, i will have much more to say about things maybe later but for now i must go.

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[10 Oct 2005|10:17pm]
hmmm, what should i bee for holloween.
not a bee.
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[31 Aug 2005|07:40pm]
i was completely unaware of the hourly rising in gas prices. three cheers for the train at 1.75 a ride! and only a quarter back if it is in enough time.

my dad emailed me asking about gas prices and i did think this was a bit wierd. but i didn't realize that they were rising so much until i talked to my brother.

i once thought about moving to new orleans after i graduated. but the termites and the sun changed my mind.

boy howdy. what can i say?
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[13 Aug 2005|03:26pm]
why didn't i ever know about this until after i leave the state?

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